60's ARTISTS   A Thru E

Here is a list of most of the 60's artists A through E. I will be adding different lists later, but this will give some info on the artists career. Many of these artists also had hits in the 70's and 80's etc., but I will only talk about the 60's for now.  I will be making a one hit wonder list at another time. Again, I'm sure I will be missing someone, or an occasional mistake, so e-mail me and I will correct it. I hope you enjoy the list as much as I enjoyed making it. I will also be making a soul list, so you will notice R & B artists are not on this list.

1. HERB ALPERT & TIJUANA BRASS - One of the most popular instrumental groups of the 60's, Alpert's distinctive style featuring his trumpet had many charted songs including "The Lonely Bull" " "A Taste Of Honey" "Zorba The Greek" "Tijuana Taxi" "The Work Song" "Spanish Flea" & "What Now My Love".  After having many instrumental hits, he tried singing and in 1968 scored big with "This Guy's In Love You". He would make a comeback in the late 70's and early 80's with more great music. I can remember one of the 60's best album covers "Whipped Cream And Other Delights" with that gorgeous girl naked covered in whipped cream. Growl!
PAT'S FAVORITE SONG - "This Guy's In Love With You"
     PAT'S FAVORITE ALBUM - "Whipped Cream And Other Delights"

2. THE ANGELS - Female pop trio from New Jersey had 5 charted songs in the 60's. Their biggest hit was "My Boyfriend's Back" in 1963. Other songs were "Till" "Cry Baby Cry" "I Adore Him" and "Wow Wow Wee".
    PAT'S FAVORITE SONG - My Boyfriend's Back"

3. PAUL ANKA - One of several "Teen Idols" of the early 60's. We have to mention his hits. His biggest hits were in the late 50's "Diana" "You Are My Destiny" "Lonely Boy" "Put Your Head On My Shoulder". In the early 60's came "It's Time To Cry" "Puppy Love" " My Home Town" "Dance On Little Girl" etc. He was a hit making machine and wrote most of his hits. He would make a comeback in the mid 70's.
4. ANNETTE - We watched her grow up as a Mouseketeer in the mid-50's into a beautiful woman. Had several charted songs in the late 50's and early 60's. "Tall Paul" "Lonely Guitar" "First Name Initial" "O Dio Mio" "Train Of Love" and "Pineapple Princess" were her biggest hits. Co-starred in many beach movies with Frankie Avalon. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1987. Died from the disease April 8th, 2013.
5. ASSOCIATION - With beautiful soaring melodies and great music, the Association had 5 big hits in the 60's and several more minor hits. They hit big in 1966 with "Along Comes Mary" and "Cherish", then in 1967 with "Windy" and "Never My Love" (The B side was another great song "Requiem For The Masses"). In early 1968 came "Everything That Touches You". Other minor charted songs were "No Fair At All" "Time For Livin' " "Six Man Band" and "Goodbye Columbus".
    PAT'S FAVORITE ALBUM - "Greatest Hits"
6. FRANKIE AVALON - Teen Idol from Philadelphia had all of his big hits in the late 50's. "DeDe Dinah" "Ginger Bread" "I'll Wait For You" "Venus" "Bobby Sox To Stockings" "A Boy Without A Girl" "Just Ask Your Heart" and "Why". In the early 60's he had mid charted songs "Don't Throw Away All Those Teardrops" "Where Are You" "Togetherness"  and "You Are Mine". Co-starred in many beach movies with Annette.
7. BACHELORS - Pop vocal trio from Ireland. Had several charted songs starting in 1964. Most notable were "Diane" "I Believe" "No Arms Could Ever Hold You" and "Marie"
8. THE
BAND - This group formed in Woodstock, New York in 1967. Met Bob Dylan, who was living there at the time and became a backup tour band for him. Big 60's songs "The Weight" "Up On Cripple Creek" and "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down"
PAT'S FAVORITE SONG - "Up On Cripple Creek"
One of the 60's biggest and most popular groups. The most incredible harmonies and some pretty good songwriting by Brian Wilson spearheaded this group. One of the few artists to survive the British Invasion after the Beatles exploded on the scene. The Beach Boys actually peaked in 1964-1965, right during the Beatles heyday. The hits started in 1962 with "Surfin' Surfari" "Surfin' USA" "Surfer Girl" "Little Deuce Coupe" "Be True To Your School" "In My Room" "Fun,Fun,Fun" "I Get Around" "Don't Worry Baby" "When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)" "Wendy" "Little Honda" "Dance, Dance Dance" "Help Me Rhonda" "California Girls" "Barbara Ann" "Sloop John B" and "Good Vibrations" to name some of them. Brian Wilsons' mental breakdown has been well documented, which caused him to quit touring with the band and just create music. Boy, could he ever sing.
   PAT'S FAVORITE ALBUM - "All Summer Long"
   PAT'S FAVORITE 'B' SIDE - "Warmth Of The Sun" 'B' side to "Dance, Dance,Dance" in 1965 

10. CHUCK BERRY - One of Rock & Roll's most influential artists, Chuck Berry had some classic and widely covered hits in the late 50's, "Maybelline" "Johnny B. Goode" "Roll Over Beethoven" "Sweet Little Sixteen" "School Day" and "Rock & Roll Music". In the early 60's, the hits were drying up, but ironically after the Beatles broke out in 1964, Chuck Berry had several more songs chart. "Nadine" "No Particular Place To Go" and "You Never Can Tell" all did well in the year 1964. Chuck Berry's guitar stylings and his style was greatly admired.
PAT'S FAVORITE SONG - "No Particular Place To Go"
11. BIG BROTHER & THE HOLDING CO. - Group formed in San Francisco in the mid-60's. Janis Joplin joined in 1966 and in 1967, released their 1st album, "BIG BROTHER & THE HOLDING CO." "Down On Me" was released as a single and went nowhere. Their 2nd album released in 1968 was "CHEAP THRILLS" and made the group popular due to the release of the single "Piece Of My Heart" which was a huge hit and made Janis Joplin a household name. Then "Down On Me" was re-released as a single and got significant airplay. Janis would leave the group to start a solo career in late 1968.  She formed a new band, the "Kozmic Blues Band". She died in October 1970 (Heroin overdose)
 Her solo album "Pearl" was released after her death in early 1971 and was a huge hit.
PAT'S FAVORITE SONG - "Piece Of My Heart"
Group was formed by Al Kooper in 1967. Kooper left the group in 1968 and David Clayton-Thomas became lead singer. In 1969 the album "Blood, Sweat & Tears" spawned 3 huge singles. "You've Made Me So Very Happy" "Spinning Wheel" and "And When I Die". The group would have a few minor hits in the early 70's as well.
PAT'S FAVORITE SONG - "You've Made Me So Very Happy"
    PAT'S FAVORITE 'B' SIDE - "Sometimes In Winter" 'B' side of "And When I Die"
13. BOX TOPS - Lead singer Alex Chilton was 16 years old when group was formed in Memphis in 1966. In 1967 they had a huge hit with "The Letter". Other hits included "Cry Like A Baby" and "Soul Deep". Chilton's deep powerful voice sure made him sound older than 17 years old.
14. BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD - A superstar group from L.A., they really only had one hit, 1967's "For What It's Worth" but the group made several good songs. Featuring Stephen Stills (who formed Crosby, Stills & Nash) , Neil Young (who joined CSN for awhile then went on to have a huge solo career.) Richie Furay and Jim Messina formed Poco in the early 70's. Other songs included "Bluebird" "Mr. Soul" and "Rock 'N Roll Woman".
   PAT'S FAVORITE SONG - "For What It's Worth"
Group from Chicago featuring the great voice of Dennis Tufano. 5 big songs charted in the 60's for them "Kind Of A Drag" "Don't You Care" "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" "Hey Baby (They're Playing Our Song)" and "Susan".
PAT'S FAVORITE SONG - "Don't You Care"
16. BYRDS - Formed in L.A. in 1964. Group broke open in 1965 with Dylan's "Mr. Tambourine Man" and "All I Really Want To Do". They scored with "Turn, Turn, Turn" with lyrics adapted from the bible. Other hits were "Eight Miles High" "Mr. Spaceman" "So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star" "My Back Pages" "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere" and "Goin' Back". Member David Crosby left and formed Crosby, Stills and Nash in 1968. There were many changes in personel over the years with Roger McGuinn being the center of the group. His 12 string Rickenbacker electric guitar had a "jingle jangle" sound that defined a lot of the 60's hits.
   PAT'S FAVORITE SONG - "Mr. Tambourine Man"
"Hi-I'm Glen Campbell" That was his trademark on his TV series "The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour". An outstanding guitar player, started out as a studio musician, then joined the Beach Boys tour in 1965 when Brian Wilson decided to quit touring. He had several charted songs in the 60's including "Gentle On My Mind" "By The Time I Get To Phoenix" "Dreams Of The Everyday Housewife", and hit big in 1968 with "Wichita Lineman" Another top 10 hit with "Galveston", he also charted with "Where's The Playground Susie" and "Try A Little Kindness"
PAT'S FAVORITE SONG - "Wichita Lineman"
18. FREDDY CANNON - He had his first hit in 1959 with "Tallahassee Lassie" and continued on in the 60's with hits like "Way Down Yonder In New Orleans" "Pallisades Park" "Abigail Beecher" and "Action", which was the theme to Paul Revere & Raiders TV show "Where The Action Is". His nickname was "Boom Boom".

The "Man In Black" himself, Johnny Cash was a huge country and western star who crossed over onto the pop charts. Had several charted songs in the late 50's, including "I Walk The Line". Had many more charted songs in the 60's including "Ring Of Fire" and "Folsom Prison Blues". His biggest hit was in 1968 with the novelty song "A Boy Named Sue". Johnny Cash made country "cool" without a doubt.
20. CHER - Married to Sonny Bono, who produced her solo songs in the 60's. Songs included are "All I Really Want To Do" "Where Do You Go" "Bang Bang" "Alfie" and "You Better Sit Down Kids." Went on to have more big hits in the 70's, 80's and 90's.
21. LOU CHRISTIE - Falsetto style singer had 5 hits in the 60's. "The Gypsy Cried" "Two Faces Have I" "Lightnin' Strikes" "Rhapsody In The Rain" and "I'm Gonna Make You Mine"
PAT'S FAVORITE SONG - "Lightnin' Strikes"
CLASSICS IV - One of my favorite pop groups, featuring the great voice of Dennis Yost. Had 4 great songs in the late 60's, "Spooky" "Stormy" "Traces" and "Everyday With You Girl. Also charted with "Midnight" and "Change Of Heart". 2 members of this group went on to form the Atlanta Rhythm Section, which had a string of hits in the 70's.
PAT'S FAVORITE SONG - Hard to pick between the 4 songs above, but "Everyday With You Girl"
  PAT'S FAVORITE 'B' SIDE - "Poor People" flip side of "Spooky"
JOE COCKER - Had his big hits in the early to mid 70's, but started the ball rolling with "With A Little Help From My Friends" "Feeling Alright" and "Delta Lady". Performed at Woodstock, which helped his career.
 PAT'S FAVORITE SONG - "Feeling Alright"
24. COWSILLS - How can you ignore the family group with 5 brothers and a sister and their mother in it that was the inspiration for the "Partridge Family"? Anyways they charted with "The Rain, The Park & Other Things" "We Can Fly" "Indian Lake" and "Hair".
PAT'S FAVORITE SONG - "The Rain, The Park & Other Things" ( I DO love the flower girl)
25. FLOYD CRAMER - Born in Lousiana, This pianist had a few instrumental hits in the early 60's. "Last Date" "On The Rebound" and "San Antonio Rose". Was a big session player for Elvis, Johnny Cash and a few others.

26. CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL - Outstanding country rock group formed in California while they were still in high school. 5 big hits in the late 60's and more in the early 70's. First hit with "Susie Q" in 1968. Had 4 huge double sided hits in 1969, "Proud Mary/Born On The Bayou" "Bad Moon Rising/Lodi" "Green River/Commotion" and "Down On The Corner/Fortunate Son". John Fogerty is still making music today and it still sounds like CCR.
 PAT'S FAVORITE ALBUM - "Bayou Country"
 PAT'S FAVORITE LP TRACK - "Bootleg"  from "Bayou Country"

27. CROSBY, STILLS & NASH - Superstar group with Stephen Stills (From Buffalo Springfield),  David Crosby (From the Byrds) and Graham Nash (From the Hollies). Neil Young would record with them in the 70's. Released their debut album in 1969 which spawned 2 hits "Marrekesh Express" and "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes". Great music, great harmonies and great chemistry.
  PAT'S FAVORITE SONG - "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes"
  PAT'S FAVORITE LP CUT - "Wooden Ships"
BOBBY DARIN - Have to mention Bobby Darin, who had a slew of charted songs in the 60's. His biggest hits were in the late 50's with "Mack The Knife" "Splish Splash" "Dream Lover" and "Queen Of The Hop". In the early 60's he scored with "Beyond The Sea" "You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby" "Things" "You're The Reason I'm Living" and  "18 Yellow Roses". Changed his style a little and had a big hit with "If I Were A Carpenter" in 1966.
PAT'S FAVORITE SONG - "If I Were A Carpenter"
NEIL DIAMOND -One of the top singer/songwriter/guitarists of the 60's. The charted songs started in 1966 with "Solitary Man" "Cherry, Cherry" "I Got The Feelin'" "You Got To Me" "Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon" "I Thank The Lord For The Night Time" "Kentucky Woman" "Red, Red Wine" "Brooklyn Roads" "Sunday Sun" "Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show" "Sweet Caroline" and "Holly Holy". Continued to have more hits in the 70's and 80's. Wrote songs for the Monkees, most notably the mega hit "I'm A Believer".
PAT'S FAVORITE SONG - "Cherry, Cherry"
30. DION - Had a few hits with Dion & Belmonts in the late 50's and early 60's. Went solo in 1960 and scored with songs such as "Lonely Teenager" "Runaround Sue" "The Wanderer" "Lovers Who Wander" "Little Diane" "Love Came To Me" "Ruby Baby" "Donna The Prima Donna" and "Drip Drop". After the Beatles arrived, he was virtually absent from the charts until late 1968 with the big hit "Abraham, Martin & John".
PAT'S FAVORITE SONG - "Abraham, Martin & John"
THE DOORS - Some group's music stands the test of time and this group is one of them. Formed in L.A. in 1965 they released their debut album in 1967. The first single "Break On Through" didn't, well, break on through. The label released a short version of "Light My Fire" and the song rocketed to #1, bringing the album with it. "People Are Strange" "Love Me Two Times" "The Unknown Soldier" "Hello, I Love You" "Touch Me" "Wishful Sinful" "Tell All The People" and "Runnin' Blue" followed. The group was continuing their success in the early 70's until lead singer Jim Morrison died in July 1971. Morrison possessed one of rock's great voices.
PAT'S FAVORITE SONG - "Light My Fire" , the LP version.
  PAT'S FAVORITE LP TRACK - "The Crystal Ship"
32. RONNIE DOVE -  Singer never had a really big hit, but several mid-charted songs from 1964 thru 1968. You may remember "Say You" "Right Or Wrong" "One Kiss For Old Times Sake" "A Little Bit Of Heaven"  "When Liking Turns To Loving" and "Kiss Away ". He also hit the charts with "Cry", a remake of the Johnnie Ray hit from early 50's.
33. BOB DYLAN - Highly influential singer/songwriter/guitarist/harmonica player. Worked New York folk scene in the early 60's where he became popular as a protest singer. Other artists made his songs popular, such as Peter, Paul & Mary. Went electric in 1965, to the dismay of some his folk music fans. Cracked the charts with "Subterranean Homesick Blues" and made the famous video for that song. He hit big with "Like A Rolling Stone" "Positively 4th Street"  "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35" and "Lay Lady Lay" Other charted songs included "Just Like A Woman" "I Want You" and "Tonight, I'll Be Staying Here With You"  He was a reluctant superstar, who just wanted to make music. Lived in Woodstock, New York in the late 60's and met The Band who became a back up band for him. Still recording and touring today. His big Album releases in the 60's were "Bob Dylan" "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan" "The Times They Are A-Changin' " "Another Side Of Bob Dylan" "Bring It All Back Home" "Highway 61 Revisited" "Blonde On Blonde" "John Wesley Harding" and "Nashville Skyline"
PAT'S FAVORITE SONG - "Like A Rolling Stone"
  PAT'S FAVORITE ALBUM - "Blonde On Blonde"
34. DUANE EDDY - The man with the "twangy" guitar sound, Duane Eddy is rock & roll's #1 all-time instrumentalist.
He originated his sound with a 1956 red Gretsch 6120 guitar. Had several hits in the late 50's, most popular "Rebel-Rouser". Other hits in the 60's included "Because They're Young" "Pepe" "Peter Gunn" "Boss Guitar" and "(Dance With The) Guitar Man".
EVERLY BROTHERS - Brothers Phil and Don Everly hit it big in the late 50's with "Bye, Bye Love" "Wake Up Little Susie" "All I Have To Do Is Dream" "Bird Dog" "Devoted To You" "Problems" and "'Til I Kissed You". The hits kept on coming in the early 60's with "Cathy's Clown" "When Will I Be Loved" "So Sad" "Walk Right Back" "Ebony Eyes" "Crying In The Rain" and "That's Old Fashioned" One of their mid chart songs "Gone, Gone,Gone" was covered in 2008 by Robert Plant and Allison Krauss and became a huge hit. The brothers started young, singing with their parents through high school. They blended so well, great harmonies.