Patrick Steele is ready to release his new solo CD "Professor Patrick and the Electric Cheese Factory" in July of 2011.
The CD features all original songs by him and he is nearly finished with the recording. A few of the songs are
already on the web site, "Sandstorm"  "A Part Of Me" and "Something's Up". Other track titles include "Delay"
"On A Mission" "The Stalker" "I Remember You" "I Miss California" "Me And Me Coconut" "Just Thinkin' " and
a few more. He has been working on this CD since last  November 2010 and it is a long process which includes
better drum tracks, different loops (guitar, bass & keyboard).
  Here is the track list, all original songs:

   1. Sandstorm   -  An America like guitar
   2. The Stalker  -  creepy piano ballad   (video available)
   3. A Part Of Me -  acoustic nonsense
   4. Delay  -  Rock & Roll alternative
   5. On A Mission  -  more acoustic   (video available)
   6. Oh, Mary  -  piano ballad dedicated to my sister Mary
   7. Kidney Stone Rocks  - for Dan Picotte, whose kidney stone attack inspired the song
   8. Crazy Feet  -   battle with gout and gerd
   9. I Remember You  -  acoustic ballad
  10. I Miss California  - Rocker dedicated to my son Scott and his January 2011 west coast tour
  11. Easy To Please  -  Frustrated acoustic song
  12. Just Thinkin'  -   Instrumental with different loops
  13. Don't Lecture Me  - Rocker about henpecked husband
  14. Make It Back Home  -  My goal in three years..
  15. Me And My Coconut  - Instrumental with an island flavor
  16. Something's Up  -  Acoustic ballad about a breakup

 Pat's sister, Mary Finnegan, designed the CD Cover using a Jerry Lewis character "The Nutty Professor" as a guideline.