About Us

We are 3 brothers from Michigan who get together to record classic rock., Some originals and some covers.

The Steele Bros. are
: Kevin "The Kidd" Steele:  Lead guitar extraordinaire, Mike Steele: guitar and bass player, and  Patrick Steele : guitar, keyboard and vocals. Our influences range from Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Jimi Hendix (Kevin)  Van Morrison, The Who, Savoy Brown (Mike) to R.E.M., Faces and anything cheesy (Patrick) 
  Kevin has been playing guitar since he was 15, inspired by big brother Mike. Kevin learned every Led Zeppelin song, then later almost every Van Halen song.  His guitar heroes, to name a few, are Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen and Joe Satriani. He has played in several local bar bands over the years. "Honor Among Thieves" and "City Kid" are 2 of the bands he played with.  Nothing, however, compares to being in a studio band with his 2 older brothers.
   Mike was the first to pick up a guitar and learn it. He never played in any bands but became a pretty good guitar player over the years. He taught Kevin a few chords when Kevin was young and Kevin took off from there. If it wasn't for Mike, there would be no Steele Bros. His basement has been the meeting place to record for most of the songs.
  Pat, like the rest of his family, loved music since he was small. He collected WKNR Keener guides in his teens and followed the local charts. In 1970, he started subscribing to Billboard, the music trade magazine. He continued to get the magazine until the early 80's, when it became too expensive. On his 40th birthday he got a starter 6 string guitar and a chord book. He was determined to learn chords and practiced daily. He had to overcome Barre chords, the  dreaded "F" & "B" chords. He finally got to the point where he could figure out chords from his favorite songs.
  In 2005, Pat bought a Roland/Boss BR-864 8 track digital recording machine. His idea was to record instrumentals and put them on a CD for him to listen to. Pat's youngest son Brian had created a website for Pat's oldest son Scott to put Scott's music on. Pat decided to record an instrumental "Watching The Pigeons" for Brian.  So he Instant Messaged the song to Brian, who put it on the website. Pat told his family about it and they all went and left comments. Brian had asked his Dad to sing on the next song. (He and the rest of the world would regret this later) So Pat created "Bonecrusher" and sent it to Brian to put on the site. "The Rock" "Judi's Song" quickly followed.
  Kevin decided that he, Pat & Mike should get together and make a song for their sister Mary, who had just recently moved back to the area from Ohio. Kevin's idea was "Schmoozer Boozer" and the 3 brothers started collaborating for the first time. They had so much fun that they continued from there. Mike wrote a great song "Pain Of Mine" which came out very well.
  One thing that Pat and the brothers found out quickly is how hard it is to mix the songs correctly. Recording the tracks was pretty easy, but the mixing, bouncing and mastering of the song was not so easy. Over the last 3 1/2 years the finished song has improved greatly. Pat does almost all of the vocals with a few exceptions (Mike does lead on "Dem Gout Blues" and Kevin does lead on "Two Plain Hamburgers") Pat knows his vocals are limited, but on a few songs they came out decent. One big example is "N.Y.A.S. 48", the Neil Young tribute song,  or "No Justice".
  So the brothers will hopefully continue to keep on making music together. They have released 2 CD's  "Dead Reckoning"  and "Studio Band". A third CD will be released  in 2009 "No Justice".  The brothers also appreciate any comments that visitors can leave in the guestroom section.
 We have been recording now since late 2005 and still have the desire to keep on making music, whether covers or new material. Pat is trying to learn a new drum program FL Studio 9 he purchased. It will create better drum tracks for our future songs. It will be a challenge to learn the program but he is determined to succeed. With the return of the remarkably multi-talented Moon now back on the scene, It should help inspire us to get something done. As the years go by it does become a challenge to get the 3 of us together.

 Pat's favorite 5 Steele Bros. songs :   1) N.Y.A.S. 48  2) Steele Brothers Rock & Roll  3) Godzilla  4) All Day & All Of The Night  5) Hazardous

Update: December 2017   The Steele Bros. haven't made many more songs together  "Grandkids" was the last one finished in the summer of 2017. Pat, however, has recorded many songs which are now available on the site. His studio band "The Electric Cheese Factory" is made of many drum loops, some guitar loops and others to help create songs. Pat would rather record with his brothers but it has very difficult to get together due to how busy they all are.