The Steele Bros. have finally released their 3rd CD "NO JUSTICE". Due to my moving 3 times in the last year, the finished product was too long in coming. We hope you will like some of the songs on the CD. There is a wide variety of styles on this CD. 19 tracks, with 10 solo by me and 9 with the Brothers. I will explain each song with information about it and why we chose to record it.

             NO JUSTICE

  1. GODZILLA - Kevin's idea for us to cover the Blue Oyster Cult classic from their album 'Spectres'. Kevin
   did an outstanding job nailing the great guitar riffs in the song. Mike was great on bass. We found a drum
   beat and went from there. After the music was done I had to add my vocals. Kevin and I decided to skip
   the long solo guitar part in the second verse and I would write some lyrics instead. Kevin could've done 
   the solo without a doubt, but I felt we needed another verse of lyrics. I think it came out pretty good. In
   the middle part, I deviated from the original and came up with  "Who's That? Is it Rodan?" "No, No
   Rodan!" etc.  All in all, we were happy with the result. Of course, I always feel my voice could be better.  
Mike-bass,  Kevin-lead guitars,  Pat-vocals and extra lyrics

  2. STEELE BROS. BOOGIE - I asked Mike and Kevin to come up with a boogie woogie blues song so I can 
     add lyrics to it later. Mike grabbed the bull by the horns after I created a drum riff on the machine.
     Kevin added his solo licks later and the music was done. My original idea was a song called 'Tongue
     Grease', but couldn't come up with any lyrics that fit the music. I was inspired by knowing brother
     Terry's daughter  was getting married soon and I came up with a silly dance song to play at the wedding.
     The DJ played the song, but nobody knew about it. Fortunately the lovely bride Diana did hear it and that
     was the most important thing. Too bad no one else could've 'boogied till the cows came home' 
     Mike-rhythm guitar and bass, Kevin- lead guitar, Pat-vocals, lyrics and keyboard

  3. NO JUSTICE - I sat down with my 6 string Ovation on Christmas Day 2008 and created this song.
      I don't know where it came from but it is one my best solo songs I've done. A man running from a 
      posse with his horse falsely accused of a crime that he didn't commit. I thought the first line 'Old
      man Fosse and his six man posse, they got nothing on me' set the tone for the rest of the song.
      My vocals were as good as they will ever get, apparently in the right key. I was also very happy with
      the drum beat I created.   Pat-vocals, lyrics, rhythm guitar and keyboards

  4. PIPE'S DREAM (remix) - Kevin's incredible solo instrumental he worked on for quite a while. He
      created the drum beat, added several guitar tracks (both rhythm and lead) and bass. After he was 
      done I came over and we mixed it. I took it home and put it on my computer and downloaded it to
      our website. I decided to add a keyboard sound to it after the fact and it came out OK. On this CD
      both versions are on it. When Kevin was a little lad, Babs McDonough used to call him 'Pipe's'.
      Babs was the owner of the infamous 'Dooley's Bar' on Grand River in Detroit where my Mom and
      Dad often frequented.  Kevin - lead, rhythm and bass guitars, Pat - keyboards

  5. THE RETURN OF BONECRUSHER - He's back!  Mike came up with the scary music and guitar riffs.
      It took a while to create the drum riff, but after we did it the ideas started flowing. Kevin was inspired
      by his new toy and added the voice in the middle of the song 'I'm A Bonecrusher' sounded like Joe
      Walsh or Peter Frampton. The song has an Alice Cooper feel to it and we were happy with the result.
      I'm sure Mike had a different idea for the song, but once again Pat gets his way. 
      Mike - bass, rhythm and lead guitar, Kevin-lead guitar and voice box, Pat-vocals and lyrics
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SETH - My idea for my grandson Seth, with new lyrics set to the Ramones
      "Blitzkreig Bop". I couldn't really afford to get him a birthday present due to tough times, so I had 
      an idea to make a song for him. MIke helped me with ideas for the lyrics and we started to record
      the music. Seth loved the song and I even added a couple of vocal tracks featuring my Shih Tzu
     Joey peeing on his picture. Thanks to my brothers for helping me make this song for Seth.
      Pat - Vocals, lyrics, rhythm guitar,  Mike - bass guitar, Kevin - lead guitar      

  7. INDIAN SUMMER -  A solo song by me, recorded by America. The song features a lush sounding
     12 string Ovation and a 6 string Ovation. I know America's version is a thousand times better, but
      I had fun recording this pretty song. I also like the keyboard fill I added. I changed the lyrics a bit.
Pat- Vocals, 6 & 12 string Ovation guitars, keyboards

  8. AFTER HOURS -  A solo instrumental by me, with a jazzy feel. I guess you can say it was inspired
      by the 'Smooth Jazz' radio station. Keyboard with a saxophone sound that was pretty cool.

      Pat - Guitars and keyboards

  9. GIMME GIMME GOOD LOVIN' - A one hit wonder classic from 'Crazy Elephant' in 1969. Mike and I
      heard it on YouTube and I decided to start recording it. After creating a drum track, I added rhythm
      guitar and had Mike add bass. Then I had the "Kidd" add his magical lead guitar. I also asked Brian
      to help me with the 'Ha-Ha-Ha"'s and then finished the lyrics. Since most of the 60's songs were too
      short, I added one more verse and extended the song. After hearing the original again, our version
      is a litttle heavier. I had to sing the vocals in a lower key, but I'm happy with the way the song came out.
Pat - lead vocals, extra lyrics, rhythm guitar, Mike-bass guitar, Kevin - lead guitar,  Brian Steele -
        background vocals

10. CATERPILLAR CLUB - Kevin came up with the great music and drum beat. He recorded the entire
      song and gave it to me to finish. I had done a lot of research on WWII B-17's, which our father flew in.
      I came across a story about the 'Caterpillar Club' which was for the men who bailed out of airplanes
      and survived. It was free to join and you were sent a pin in the shape of a caterpillar. 'Hitting The Silk'
      was a term for using a parachute. The caterpillar silk is very strong. Our Dad never had to bail out during
      his tenure, but the story is interesting. I created lyrics to use for the song and they came out good. Kevin
      added his fills and solo later and a pretty good song came out.
Kevin - rhythm, lead and bass guitars.  Pat - Vocals and lyrics

11. WHEN I'M DEAD AND GONE -  Solo song by me, remaking a song from 1971 by McGuinness Flint.
      Using  3 guitars and a keyboard sounding western guitar feel, I had fun doing this minor hit which I
      loved. The 12 string Ovation really sounds great when it comes in.
      Pat - Vocals, guitars, keyboards

12. BORIS THE SPIDER - Solo song by me, intended for my grandson Seth. A remake of an old Who
      LP cut from 1967, written by John Entwistle. Again I changed lyrics slightly to add Seth's name in
      the song. Of course I could never get it to sound anywhere close to as good as the original, but
      singing the 'creepy-crawly' part was a riot.
Pat - Vocals, bass and rhythm guitars.

13. I KILLED MR. ROBOTO -  Solo instrumental by me. Originally I wanted to add a robot voice in there,
      but couldn't get it to fit.  A good idea which I felt could've come out better.
       Pat - keyboards
 and vocals 

14. STORMY - Solo cover song by me of one of my favorite 60's groups, the Classics IV. Happy with
      the results for the most part. The keyboard sax solo came out great. I added one extra verse.
      I should've added a bass track.
Pat - Vocals, guitars, keyboards

15. YOU COULD'VE BEEN A LADY -  Cover of an April Wine song from 1972. Kevin did a great job
      with the guitars and Mike did bass. I overdubbed my vocals but was never happy with the
Pat - vocals,  Kevin - rhythm and lead guitars, Mike - bass

16. HOLE IN THE BOTTOM OF THE BOAT -  Written on the day I came home from Bankruptcy court and
      later finding out that my job was ending sometime in 2010 ( May 14th I now know ). If this doesn't
      inspire someone to write a song, then I don't what else could. 
       Pat - Vocals, lyrics, guitars and keyboards

17.  PIPE'S DREAM -  Same song as track 4, but before I added the keyboard fill. I think you should hear 
        the song that Kevin put together and spent several hours recording. Excellent job by him, excellent
 Kevin - rhythm, lead and bass guitars.

18. SHELTERING SKY -  A solo song recorded by me a couple of years ago, a cover of a Gerry Beckley 
      song. I delayed putting it on our website due to my weak vocals. But I guess it 'Is what it is' and here
      it is for you to listen to.

Pat - Vocals, guitars and keyboards

19. LOST IN THE SON - My first political song I ever wrote, recording way before the election in 2008.
     With the economy collapsing and a seemingly uncaring President, I had to make a song about it.
     What a mess he left the country in.
Pat - Vocals, lyrics and guitars.