The 60's was an incredible decade full of incredible music. Throughout the turbulent years, which featured The Bay Of Pigs, The Cuban Missile Crisis, The Cold War, The Vietnam War, The Assassinations of JFK, Martin Luther King and RFK, The Race Riots, Civil Rights demonstrations, Student demonstrations against the war, etc. The music was memorable and varied. Folk Music, Teen Idols, Doo-wop, Vocal groups, Surf Music, British Invasion, Soul, Garage Bands, Motown Sound, Bubblegum, Heavy Metal, Country Rock, Pop, Adult Easy Listening, Novelty, Lush Instrumentals...It was all there. There was something for everyone. I remember my Mom loving Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams and Dean Martin. My one sister loved Bobby Rydell, another Chuck Berry. I loved at first the Beach Boys, then The Beatles and almost everything else. We all hear an old song we used to love and it brings us back to the time we remember when we heard it. I remember radio station WKNR being at the center of it all. The weekly charts they published were free at any record store and I couldn't wait to get the latest one. Watching a favorite song climb up the charts fast or another favorite only lasting a couple of weeks then dropping off. Music was my release, my big hobby. I have memories of playing 'B' sides of the 45's we all collected and occasionally finding a good one. Picking a favorite song from the decade would be impossible for me. I could pick a favorite Beatles song, Instrumental, Beach Boys song, etc. It was a decade when FM radio became important in the late 60's. Suddenly album cuts were being played that would never get played on AM radio. WKNR-FM and WABX-FM were my favorites. WXYZ-FM eventually became WRIF-FM which is still on the air today. It was FM radio that played the 'Paul Is Dead' hoax in 1969.
 So I have decided to publish these sub-pages of the 60's of information of songs and the artists. I'm pretty sure I missed something or someone, or there is a mistake in there. I will constantly update the pages and correct the mistakes and add the artists if needed. Please enjoy and let me know if you like what I've done.
   Patrick Steele  July 23, 2009